Dehesa Andaluza Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra ECOLÓGICO
DEHESA ANDALUZA · Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra ECOLÓGICO
DEHESA ANDALUZA · Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra ECOLÓGICO

That Extra Virgin Olive Oil retains all of its biological properties and sensory qualities when used raw and therefore is best suited for salads, dips or spreads for bread or toasts.

That olive oil has fewer calories than fried.

That olive oil is the healthiest for frying, because it resists better than seed oils (sunflower, corn, red, etc.) temperatures up to 160°-190°, which are reached when frying, without decomposing.

That is the most stable oil, decomposes more slowly than other oils and, likewise, less fat permeates the food.

That you should not leave the oil smoke, because it means that it has reached its critical temperature. Try to heat the oil slowly, so the oil will not burn and lose its benefits.

That is not recommended to mix old and new oil, nor the olive oil with seed oil, because they have different smoke points. Olive oil resist better high temperatures than the others, and if the mix, you burn the other oils producing irritating and potentially toxic substances.

That food should be as dry as possible because water promotes decomposition of the oil.

That a heavy skillet distributes the heat better than a thin skillet, which may have areas that receive more heat than others.

That you should filter the oil after each frying to remove food debris that may remain, that would help oxidation and decomposition.

That after taking food from the pan is recommended to deposit them in a container with paper towels to absorb some oil so food will not be so heavy and we save some calories.

That when cooking pasta, adding a little olive oil to water when the pasta is cooking prevent it from sticking.

That when frying fish, we should put fish in flour, and place in hot oil without moving it too much.

That even though frying foods with olive oil is healthy, we should abuse it since fried foods have more calories. In nutrition, all in perspective is good, and this case is no exception.

That the amount of olive oil for cooking and frying is less than that required for other types of oils or fats, as olive oil increases in volume when heated.

If done right, olive oil can be used up to five times for frying and in the fryer, since there is more oil, you can use
it up to twenty times.

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