Dehesa Andaluza Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra ECOLÓGICO
DEHESA ANDALUZA · Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra ECOLÓGICO
DEHESA ANDALUZA · Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra ECOLÓGICO

DEHESA ANDALUZA is a brand that represents a generation of olive oil producers, with a tradition that is lost in time. We present our olive oil as it deserves, in an exclusive case and with a high-end label for gourmet-delicatessen stores, designed for very demanding clients.

DEHESA ANDALUZA is pure Extra Virgin Organic-Biological Olive Oil and has no mixing with other olive oils. It is not subject to any refining, chemical or similar treatment. It is an Olive oil obtained directly from the fruit. For the production of this gem, it is necessary to extract it cold, only by mechanical means, so that the heat does not deteriorate any of its qualities. It has unique healthy qualities that are highly recognized in the scientific community and it is a fundamental element of our Mediterranean diet. It is one of the extra virgin olive oils of highest quality in the world, due to its excellent organoleptic properties.

DEHESA ANDALUZA is an Olive oil obtained from the Picual de Jaen olive variety. The oxidation resistance of these olive oils ensures its stability and preservation for a long period of time. This is the great virtue of the variety Picual.

DEHESA ANDALUZA is an Olive oil with an intense fruity green olives flavour, pleasant aroma of fresh grass, fruity flavour like apple, tomato and fig. A very light bitterness and a gentle spiciness. Overall, it is a balanced olive oil, aromatic and harmonious, with a fresh, sweet fruity aroma. Its high polyphenol content, besides confirming its high stability, indicates the existence of very fruity olive oils and of great personality. The color varies from deep green to a golden yellow.

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